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Would you rent clothing for your baby?

Good morning mums!

I am thinking about all the stuff my sister has from my nephews, and as mom to be, it sounds like a complicated logistics and expensive 1st year.

I was wondering, do you know any baby rental close, like subscription monthly based? What is your experience? Do you know something on the same line for toys and trolleys?

Thank you!


  • you should never rent/use babies clothes, toys and prams that have already had a user as this can result in your baby becoming unwell. we all want to do the best to provide for our children - i know this can be expensive but it will be for the best. good luck xxx

  • Hoping to get pregnant, touch wood, would always buy the clothes. Would rather borrow and pay it back than rent, same with property.

  • It sounds unsanitary.

    I always buy my kids' clothes brand new. Some are hand me downs from my eldest child but at least I didn't get them from other people. Also, I like keeping my favorite ones for their sentimental value.

  • Hi

    As long as nearly new clothes have been washed they are fine to use. I've been to mum2mum markets( which are brilliant as stalls sell good quality second hand clothes and toys. It is much cheaper than buying new.

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