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Faint line on test need opinions

Hi everyone, 

So today 30/12/16 i took a pregnancy test because i have been having symptoms or sore boobs at fairst it was just the nipples but now its the while boob and really frequent toilet trips like if i need to pee i need to pee real quick lol mild cramping with ovary pain (like if i were to put pressure on them they feel bruised and tight) really hungry but also bloated and my head keeps pounding. Me and my partner arent trying to convince but i have a lot of health issues with all the contraseptions. I suffer from endometriosis ( i got a scan done to confirm, but i didnt want an operation so im not sure it i have anything else going on) but i dont mind if i am pregnant although the line is extremely faint like i dont know if its me or if its really there, and i dont know if my partner is in denial or he cant actually see it but a camera cant pick up on it. I will be doing another test in a few days.

Question is: i havent had my period in 3 month ( i think due to my endometriosis ) but its never been this late, ever. If i were to be pregnant, i dont remember the date of my last period all i know is i think it was last in around late September and i never know when i ovulate and ovulation tests dont work for me. How would i know my due date? Or how far along i was? Would an ultrasound tell me ? Or is the faint like possily around 1-4 weeks? 

Tia, and sorry if tmi


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