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How many parents would do the same thing?

I saw this post whilst browsing Facebook a few days ago and it got me wondering, how many parents would do the same thing?

Here is the text from the status: When you see a 7 y/o kid with no hat or his jacket not zipped up 😡, outside with 0* temp waiting for the bus- wtf where is your mother?! So I put up his hood and made him zip his coat.

My own daughter has had that done on numerous occasions and I'm glad as it shows that others care about my kids in my community.  I have also done this on many occasions as I've seen kids shivering in the cold from leaving jackets wide open and their only in T-shirts.


  • Id do it too Tbf. I dont care what ppl think when i do stuff i think is right... if they got something to say id tell them str8 they could get very ill... xx

  • Yeah, I've done it on many occasions and still had parents complain, in fact, I'd be pleased if someone did the same with my daughter.

  • I've done it, and would do it again.  It's a lovely thing to do.  It's human!

  • Do the kids listen or do you end up having to do it instead?

    I have had a mixture of both, some happily zip up and put hoods up and others look at me in shock or look at me as if I'm mad so I zip it for them then explain why I'm doing that.

    I am a volunteer at my daughters Brownies group so on camping trips away I am responsible for making sure all 20 kids are wrapped up whilst outside, that is 20 jackets to be zipped right up to the top and hoods up.

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