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Ask your mum or Google it? What do you do if you have a pregnancy or baby question?


We've just read a story saying that today's women have pretty much stopped asking their own mum if they have a question or concern about their pregnancy or their baby.

Apparently, instead, we ask Google!

We'd love to know if that sounds true to you?

When you've got a pregnancy or baby worry, do you turn to your mum, or other family member? Or do you just search for the answer online?

Please do let us know what you tend to do – and why. We'd love to know!



  • I remember when i was having my first baby and i took my mum shopping for baby grows and the like - i asked my mum 'how many of these do i need?' and she had no idea - said she'd pretty much forgotten everything about babies, so she was pretty useless! 

    So instead, i Googled everything and you know what, really wish i hadn't and i'd just asked other mums for advice cause Googling can be bloody terrifying! 

  • Well I've gone through 3 pregnancies with my mother inlaw as my point of baby knowledge as lovely as she is her youngest is 33 so helps with things like sickness but otherwise I stear clear of Google and talk to my mummy puts the worse case up and then u start to panic lol. 

  • Always ask my mum! If she doesn't know she googles it 😂

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