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Princes William and Harry say Princess Diana was a ‘naughty’ mum: was your mum strict or laid back?


We’ve just been reading about Princes William and Harry, saying they thought their mum, Princess Diana, was a ‘naughty’ mum and she was a ‘total kid’, telling her boys they could ‘be naughty, but don’t get caught’. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This had us wondering, when you were a school kid, what was your mum like? Did you have a strict mum or maybe your mum was super laid back?

Please do come and tell us what your mum was like when you were growing up, by posting a reply to this thread. We’d dearly love to hear any stories you might have about growing up with a strict mum or the opposite. 

(Pic credit: Twitter/Kensington Palace)


  • My mum was very laid back! My dad was the strict parent. I often wonder if you almost need one to be strict and one to be laid back to preserve balance, if you know what I mean? I already know in my own family that I'm the strict parent!

    Despite being very laid back she could be strict when she needed to. I recall messing about a bit with my younger cousins (and possibly breaking something or other) and then sent to my room without any books to read. That was a huge punishment back in those days! image

  • My mom was laid back! My dad was also laid back that's how I knew if they ever got mad that I'd done something seriously wrong lol! I am one of 3 girls both my sister are older than me and they both say they were harsher with them than they ever were with me ha they must of give up with a 3rd girl ha however I had 2 sisters to look up to as well so I never got away with anything. That's how I am with my children I will laugh all day long with them and play about it they know my face if it's gone too far ha x i do agree though there must be a balance x

  • Mine is (she is still alive, thank God) strict but I am thankful for that.

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