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Any advice for a fellow sufferer with Pcos

Hi Ladies,

I was diagnosed with Pcos when I was 18. I had always suffered with stomach problems throughout my teenage years and was first admitted to hospital at the age of 13, where the staff thought it was appendicitis... Fast forward to 5 years later the symptoms continued and started to get me down a lot, I was referred to the gynaecologist through my GP as they were concerned that I had never seen a period, I had a number of blood tests and ultrasound scans done and it was later confirmed that I had multiple cysts on my ovaries and that my CRP level was raised in my blood. I was told by a member of the gynaecologist team that I would find it almost impossible to conceive a child and that they could do nothing for me because of my weight. I did see a dietician at 19 which didn't help me and had also been put on the tablets Dianette and Rigevidon between the ages of 19-21 to help me see a period to no avail. (Rigevidon later made me have blood clots). I had always been a weighty person, who had never had a period - and still hasn't at the age of 24)!

At the age of 22 I joined weight watchers and lost nearly 5 stones, which didn't help me see a period and with recent stress, depression and extreme anxiety I have put it all back on.

I'm just starting to worry that my chances of happiness and of having a family of my own one day are becoming more slimmer.

On top of that I get more body hair and have problems with my scalp which I constantly itch and pick at and am just wondering if this may be linked to my condition? Living with this condition daily is starting to affect me in more ways than one.

I reallt do feel less of a woman with this. Is there any advice out there that anyone can give me?

Thanks, Tara.

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