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Best pregnancy tests?

I really need some help... I lost my virginity on the 29th of July. I'm 2days late on my period, he didn't wear a conform and I wasn't on birth control he says he didn't ejaculate isnide of me but im really scared.. I need to do a test but I want to know the best ones and the best way to test to get the right answer. I'm not sure if this is the right section. aploygs is not... looking forward to hear some replies😘


  • I also had a period straight after that lasted a week. I'm not sure what this means... helppp!!x

  • Ok lets slow down and not panic yet ... so you are worried i hope this prevents you from making the same mistake again but lecture over ...right important stuff now ..... where in your cycle did you have sex is key here ...when is your period due? The morning after pill might of been a good option but i fear that boat might have sailed so to speak ... pink dye pregnancy tests are best in my opinion i rate superdrugs own brand very highly ... dont worry yet. 

  • i had been on the pill for a few months before hand and had stopped taking it 4/5 weeks before me and my boyfriend decided to have sex it was the heat of the moment and was my first time. I had my period the next day and it lasted about a week but it was hard to tell when my period was due at the start... its now due around the 29th I believe I'm now 3/4 days late and I'm really starting to panic😞

  • If u had sex then had your period the next day I would say you are not pregnant x

  • Thank you, do you have any ideas why I might be late?x

  • Cos your stressing and stress can delay it ... i highly doubt your pregnant as you had your period straight after and you had sex right at end of your monthly cycle so your chances of getting pregnant where low ... id say do a test to put ur mind at ease but im 99% your not pregnant from what you have said .. xx 

  • Also im not saying this to panic you im really not but if you obviously had unprotected sex and risked pregnancy i fear you left your self vulnerable to possible std's ..i know you dont want to hear that but its a possibility and i want you to obviously take care of your self and future partners xx 

  • so what's the best thing for me to do?... really nervous 😞Xx

  • Google sexual health followed by the name of the town you live in it should come up with name of a local clinic ... its not the most pleasant thing to go and be tested but its all confidential and theres nothing better than peace of mind ...untreated stds can do a lot of damage and can even cause infertility not let that become the case .. you need any more advice im here or you can personally send me a message xx 

  • I would also get back in some contraception as well 😊

  • Thank you all so much i will definitely be getting back on birth control☺️ I've started to bleed now but I'm not sure if to still do a test or not? What's your opinions?x

  • Sounds like your period has started it's up to you if you want to do a test probs be negative xx

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