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Last week I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about 4 times we did it last week without any protection and all of them times he cummed inside me and on Friday just went I was meant to come on my period Friday but I came on my period on Monday but ever since last week I have kept getting loads of the pregancy signs but a few days ago I done about three. Pregancy tests all came back negative but it was two early to do them since you have to wait two weeks but ever since I keep getting bad belly pains and normally when I'm on my period I don't get any belly pains and I'm not sure when to do a another pregancy test but I can't be pregnant if I have had my period can I? So just need some advice jt will be appreciated x


  • I had a period and negative pregnancy tests when I was already pregnant. Though I think it would be too early to do pregnancy tests. Wait 1 more week, and if you are unsure go to see a gynecologist. Also it would be nice, cause then you could discuss with him/her the right contraceptive methods so then you don't get into this situation again. I hope I could help

  • Im also in a similar situation although i had bleed two times now,i did a tun or preg test and all cam back neg,i also did a scan and that was neg,i having headaches every now and again

  • What are you gonna do 

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