One Woman Mission

Don't know what's wrong with me today, all I've done since OH went to work is eat, eat and eat. I've sat and eaten a load of crap since he left at 1pm and now I feel like crap too. What is wrong with me? :cry:


  • Nothing at all, you're just pregnant! If in doubt, blame the hormones!!
  • I have had days like that - mostly I eat at normal times etc and normal food but occasionally get a munchy day where I'll eat anything and everything, all day!! Usually end up going to bed feeling like s**t and suffering indegestion all nite and constipation the next day coz of wot I ate!! Totally agree Kitkat - blame it on those pregnancy hormones!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I ate loads of fruit every day last week and still ended up with really painful constipation at the end of it all! Go figure.
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