I HAVE JUST SEEN THE ADVERT FOR BIG BROTHER....AND IT STARTS IN 9 DAYS!!!! is anyone else going to be obsessing like me and hatin all the girls they have on it??i saw in my magazine some of the contestants....not sure what fellas they got but i think there was a couple of glamour models.does anyone know who else is on it? xxx


  • i love big bro cant wait till it starts i was going to audition this year but the day before the audition i found out i was pregnant and hubby wouldnt let me audition then.
  • i havent seen anything about it, but i will def be watching (completely obsessed), as long as there isnt another nikki hated her sooooooo much. oh will be tortured it will be on live all day and at night lol. 9 DAYS I CANT WAIT.image
  • oh nikki is a legend! to watch anyway!!!id probably stab her if i saw her!i cant friend auditioned last year and got his dog in front of the camera while his mate moved the dogs lips an he spoke!!!it was hillarious! i would love to go on but i think id get chucked off in the first wk for bein to gobby!
  • didnt know bout them blowing up the house!shame they didnt do that last year!!! bunch of misfits!!!id love to go on there!!
  • i saw the advert for it last night i cant wait!!!!
  • Noooo! not again!! I really cant stand big brother. The first few times it was on i enjoyed watching but i think its been way over done now. It always ends up being on aswell in my house when theres nothing else on tv (i dont have sky) which is most of the time in summer lol
    Toni x
  • oh i cant wait!!!i dont really pay attention at the begining coz theyre all playin nice!i only like it when they turn evil!
  • oh i cant wait!!!i dont really pay attention at the begining coz theyre all playin nice!i only like it when they turn evil!
  • OMG i get sooooo obsessed with BB!! i think its brill and the bitchier the better!
  • my thoughts exactly!!!!!i love a good fight/slag off/bitch
  • Ooooooh! I can't wait! I'm sooooooo excited! I LOVE BB! I will have just had baby the day before so will be in hospital recovering from C-section so I think this will definitely aid my recovery (if I have time with baby etc). I just love it when they start to get evil!! image
  • I used to love it, but now it bores me when they put silly boring people in there, but that doesnt mean i still wont be addicted...
  • I never used to watch it in the beginning but I've watched the last 3, I start off thinking what a load of crap, but it's so crap I have to watch it every night, and if I can't sleep, I sometimes turn it on - so then I can watch other people sleeping - it drive my husband mad.
  • I dont like it when they put them in cages or give them stupid 'secret' things to do, its so annoying, but then its my own fault for watching...
  • yeah- I'd rather see them fighting. Infact I hate all the tasks apart from the bitchy ones, like the one Makosi had. Did anyone see that Grace from last year in OK mag the other week, her hair is bright yellow.
  • What? whats happened to Russell?
  • Anyone been down to the house for eviction night? I have been to a few and they are great!! I love the atmosphere there and also you get to see Davina, Dermott and Russell who is a sex god by the way and just as wonderfully weird in real life as he is on tv.....THE SWINE!!!

    I can't bloody wait
  • oh cant wait i love big bro.Its soooo addictive and u get to see that saucy minx davina lol.xx
  • I so cannot wait, I love big brother, Im going to get addicted to it as I always do. I will have it live on e4 all day once I start my maternity leave lol.

    Vicki xx
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