my roots are shocking

hi can anyone help out?my hair is in a serious need of some tlc.8 weeks now and need my hair it safe ?people say different before i start looking like a bag lady.


  • Yes I think so, I dye my hair every couple of months, a lot of people dye their hair when pregnant I know the hairdressers will still put colours on pregnant women if it was dangerous they wouldnt do it. Id just go for it, it will make you feel better.
  • Have highlights put in as they're safer as they don't go too near the scalp, it's amazing the difference they make! Believe me!!!
  • Hi

    I was advised to leave it until after the 12 week mark. My roots were awful, just had to put my hair up in a poytail until I could get it done.

  • hi, i left my hair now for 24 wks and i look a state lol booked in at toni and guy friday and i cant wait, have to have high lights or low lights so doesnt touch the skin but other than that its fine,had skin test today to be sure, i think the only thing is what condition your hair is in really, so im havein highlights,low lights and a good cut! cant wait!!!!!
  • Hi, i've had my hair dyed through my first and now my second pregnancy. I always have highlights with foil so it doesn't actually touch your head.
  • My hair is such a mess too. Hasn't been touched by a hairdresser for over 6 months, so it's now got a life of its own! I've got an appt next week for a cut and colour, felt guilty at spending so much on myself when I should be saving for baby but I can't go on with this mane!
  • Hi. I was feeling the same dispair last wk so i went to my local chemist for advive. The pharmacist advised me not to dye my hair until wk 12. I was surprised when she explained that this was not due to it being harmful to my baby but because due to all the changes going on with my body right now. My hair may start to fall out or change to an undesired colour. I was told my body changes sould settle a bit after 12 wks. She advised I have it done at the hairdressers as the get paid to know if my hair will or will not take the dye. Im currently at 11 wks. Only 1 wk until i can stop hiding in the house and get to my hairdressers.
  • thanks girlies for advice ,think might cancel and leave for a bit,every thing else feels wrong dont want to be bold with it.!! on a different note do u have days where u dont feel pregnant and its all one big dream? i`m having one today ,even though tescos was a struggle,felt really faint.horrible ,take care all
  • heya chocky, my friend is the rated the 5th best colourist/stylist in the UK and i asked him about dying my hair during pregnancy and he said there is no danger and no reason why you shouldnt have it done, even if the dye does tuch your scalp it cant be passed onto the baby as it doesnt ever enter your bloodstream. hope this helps xxx
  • hi, i agree with kimmi on this. I have just finished 4 years of training to become a stylist and in that time i have coloured the hair of quite a few pregnant women. Both my tutor and my boss agree that it is safe to have your hair coloured on the scalp or off. hope this helps ( ive continued to have mine coloured since i found out i was pregnant )
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