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Tattoos of your kids or about your kids: do you or your partner have any?


We’ve just been looking at and chatting about Dan Osborne’s new tattoo of his two children on his very solid thigh. We were wondering, do you or your partner have any tattoos of your children or any tattoos about them?

Please do come and tell us if you or your other half have any tattoos of your kids, and if you fancied posting a pic of them here, we’d love to see them! Just post them in the reply box below. 


Pic credit: Dan Osborne/Instragram


  • Eeep, each to their own but I personally find that a bit scary looking! (Sorry Dan Osborne, I'm sure your children are beautiful really) 

    I have stars on my tummy that all mean something and the last 2 I had added were for my children, so have their initials next to them. I need to get an appointment booked to add one for Hector.


    My mum has a flower intertwined with the initials of me and my 3 siblings, then a beach from mine that has the initials of my children. I love it. Don't have a picture though!

  • image

    Our daughters initials are BEE so hubby got this done after she was born. I need to book in to get a matching one but the problem is everyone now asks if he is from Manchester!

  • we called my little boy Alfonso all the way through my pregnancy so we didn’t slip up on his real name, my other half has alfonso as part of a sleeve on his arm 😊 x

  • image I have had this started. It will eventually be 2 red roses, a traditional pocket watch & a penny as we call our daughter Penny. It will also have the time she was born. My partner is getting a porrait of our daughter & I'm thinking of having her footprint tattooed on my arm as I'm thinking of having a sleeve x

  • image 

    Had this done few months ago as symbol of what georgia went through her name in heart with angel wings as if a guardian angel was looking over her

  • My first daughters name is Amelia-Lily so I had lillys tattood on my side along with her footprints, name and date of birth. Now Ava-Rose has been born I plan on getting roses and her hand prints with name and date of birth :)

  • image    Not too sure why the photo didnt upload but here it is x

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