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Pregnancy symptoms or coming off birth control

I took my last birth control pill and had my last withdrawl bleed at the end of December 2016.  I had a normal period january 20 2017. I started getting nauseous and having cramps after that period up until about February 22nd. I took numerous pregnancy tests that turned out negative. It is now March 6 and I have no sign of my period, my last real period was Jan 20th.

could I still be pregnant or would it be coming off birth control? 


  • Hi I came off pill 4 weeks ago. I was only on them for 3 weeks this past week I have not felt my self being sick, heart burn, cramps, head aches, tired all day. Also been very painfully during sex as my insides have swelled up this has never happened before , I'm just worried and need some advice I have not had a bleed at all not even spotting. I also have unprotected sex 2-3 Times a day. I have done two pregnancy tests both came back negitive. X

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