Beware! don't sing in the bath!!

Just read an article in the paper. a woman has received an ASBO for singing in the bath. she belts out Gary Glitter songs and neighbours don't like it. she could face up to 5 years in prison although i have a feeling the judge will laugh it out of court! how petty,ridiculous, and inane is that???:lol:


  • The world is going mad. I sing in the bath but its twinkle twinkle little star and its sung quietly to the bump. Imagine going to prison and when ur inmates say what r u in for you turn around and say singing in the bath!
  • What is the world coming to!
  • OMG! Now I'm worried, imagine going to prison and being asked what you're in for and you have to say 'my vibrator inteferes with my next door neighbours tv and pacemaker!'image gees, now what am i gonna do now to pass the time :roll:
  • I'm with the neighbours on this 1. My walls are very thin and whilst i'm in the bath i can hear my neighbour playing on his computer console. This drives me nuts. If my neighbours started to belt out gary glitter I would have to look into sound proofing or maybe moving house.
  • Sure, i can understand it is very irritating, but surely an ASBO is a little over the top?? why can't they ask her politely to sing quietly?image
  • tbh I'm with the neighbour too! remember that woman who used to play whitney houston every night.. she got kicked out of her house after complaints! she probably has been asked politely to keep the noise down but ignored it and sang louder!! she probably she it coming to her... who likes gary glitter anyway??
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