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Ladies, Iv felt like I need to get this out to women, I didn't no how to or where to start so Iv hoped that this post will be welcomed into many forums in hope it may help someone else. In December I fell pregnant, this wasn't planned and I had been using contraception strongly, which sadly failed and I got pregnant. in January I decided, for a girl of 21 at the time, this isn't right for me and I am not ready to do this especially alone. I made a very hard descion to have a sergical termination. I knew this was the right choice for myself and my future so please no hatred. During the surgery I had a IUD coil fitted, which they told me was going to be the best form of contraception going forward so I agreed with them, they are doctors after all. What they lack to tell you is the excruciating you get from having it, luckily I was asleep for insertion, as Iv been told that's a scare in itself. Iv had it in now for 10 weeks and for about 6 of them I have wanted to rip it out. The pain that comes with having this is out of this world. the bleeding is horrendous, I bleed through a tampon and 2 night pads too many times a day when I have my period and I have no control of it, and god forbid I sneeze!! The exhaustion, I don't want to get out of bed, it's made me so tired and lethargic 24/7. The worst part, which is what I really wanted to get through to people about, is the depression. I thought I was going crazy, everything was getting me down, im like an emotional rollercoaster at the moment, up and down with my hormones, and they are so unpredictabl. This coil, can make you depressed! I know my body and I knew something was wrong, I could feel myself getting deeper into this horrible hole and all I kept thinking was why?? it wasnt until the power of social media and other forums that I realised it's not just me. The iud needs to have its side affects explained properly, it's a dark road to go down until you realise it's not your fault why it's happening it is this foreign object in your body. Girls don't look past this and think it's you it's not, I know so many women who get on with the IUD perfectly, so you can see why I was unsure of my symptoms, as many nurses or clinics where I lives in England told me it's not a side effect, thank Christ for social media etc all over the world when women was contacting me from USA, Canada etc... to tell me this IS a side effect and I was not alone!  a nurse wrote an article in canada who stated depression is in fact a side effect and it hits lots of women. I hope i can relate to other women and Iv helped in some way, listen to your bodies, it will let you know if it's rejecting something. xx

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