Lunar Eclipse

Has anyone seen the moon? There is going to be a total lunar eclipse between 10.44 and 11.53pm. It's started disappearing already!


  • Ohhh! Didn't know that, i'll keep an eye out for it, might be good! xx
  • i didnt no that either i just had a look and i can see it disapearing
  • Yep i just had a look too and it's certainly disapearing! x
  • Apparently when it is completley covered it will only be lit by light that can filter through the atmosphere from the earth, so it will glow a sort of red colour.
  • my husband is very much into astromony and is outside now with his telescope... I'm gonna join him shortly image should be good so long as the clouds keep away!
  • Thanks for telling us. Was in the car picking up my lil sis from a club and parked on a car park roof to watch it with her. It really did glow a bronze/red colour. Glad we saw it as they only happen once every four years i think.
  • The last one was about 2 1/2 years ago.... Next one we'll see is 21st Feb next year... then a partial one is happening in August next year.

    Last nights was cool.... looking at it close up in the telescope was amazing.... saturn could also be seen with the naked eye so we had a close up of that too image
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