Footie mad hubby

Anyone else have a footie made hubby. If his not at ipswich watching them his out watching sat or sun footie lol I think he is trying to cram in as much as he can before th 14th :lol:


  • Don't even start me on this one. lol. xx
  • Glad i'm not the only one lol
  • I wish my dh liked football, he cant stand it (or any sport for that matter) i always end up watching football upstairs whilst he watches soaps downstairs (honestly he likes them all the only one i can bear is corrie, cant watch the others!) His obssesion is cars he works with them and his hobby is them and he wants to call our children car names, like Jensen or Healey. so far im putting the foot down! xx
  • Sounds like you guys have switched roles lol. I love watching footie live but not on the telly and i can't stand soaps there so depressing.
  • My OH is saying he's going to buy a season ticket when baby arrives as his escape charming, what he doesn't know is that I'm going to buy one of those baby carriers you wear on your front so he can take baby with him!

    I like the name Jenson by the way!
  • I'm the other way hubby wants to take the baby if it is a boy but i think he will change his mind when he wants to go to the pub before and after the game. image
  • I didnt mind Jensen until i saw a interview with Jensen Button the F1 driver. i thought he was a idiot and thats all i can think of when i hear the name. glad other people find the soaps depressing!!! and i def like the image of oh's going to watch footie with baby in sling. very sweet. xx
  • I watching Harry Hill TV Burps at the moment I love soaps in that show so funny!

    I recon taking the baby out with them will get them lots of attention as I think it is adorable, prob get served quicker!
  • i agree there is nothing sweeter than a man who is comfortable looking after their little one. and Harry's burp is v funny!
  • My OH looks like Harry Hill! If we have a boy and put some little glasses on him he can go round with a mini me in front of him!
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