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Leaving an 11 year old child home alone, overnight

What's people's opinions on leaving a child of 11 home alone for a whole weekend? ( the child is not my child ).


  • No! If you know someone planning on doing this, please stop them. A child of 11 should not be left alone for more than 15mins, let alone overnight. If someone you know is planning on doing this, i would contact social services or the nspcc - 11 years old is no way near old enough to be left alone, let alone overnight. 

  • It's my next door neighbour. We noticed that they went away Saturday morning and they still are away and it's now Monday morning. So yesterday after we realised their daughter was there and they hadn't still come back, we rang non emergency police and reported it. The police went round to their house and had a chat. Obviously we don't know what was said and if any further action will be taken. I just know that as a mum of 3 myself, I would never leave a child of mine at 11 on there own in the day let alone overnight or all weekend.

    Thank you for replying. Just wanted someone else's take on it. 

  • Absolutely the right decision to report that to the authorities. Speaking as a Social Worker, I can tell you that that is a serious child protection concern and something that would absolutely not be ok to do. 

  • Yes, without a doubt you did the right thing - please don't question yourself. That's absolutely shocking. 

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