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Morning pills: May I still be pregnant or is it just a bad side effect?

Hello! I’ve been lately with my partner having unprotected intercourse. He never ejaculated inside but he was always buying me « ellaone » to avoid pregnancy. I took it about 7 times last month, & now I’m missing my period (for about 20 days). I had urine & blood tests of pregnancy but turned out both to be negative. However, is there a chance I can possibly be pregnant or could it be only a side effect of ellaone? Highly appreciate your answers.


  • It’s very unlikely that toy are pregnant if you have had a negative blood test as those are extremely accurate. This is very likely a result of taking so many morning after pills in a short period of time. The morning after pill is a much higher dose of the regular comtraceptive pill so it seems plausible that that is what has messed up your cycle. I would say it really shouldn’t be used that often. Is there a reason you are not wanting to take regular contraception? If you are worried about missing pills / forgetting to take it every day then there are other options that solve that problem such as the depo injection or the implant. 

  • So grateful to ur answer really!! Actually ye I was trying to avoid taking birth pills since I was worried about their potentiel interaction with a medicine I’m taking daily (Anti-dep). Thank you for your suggested alternatives, I’ll make sure to get information about that asap!

  • I see... yes that makes sense that you would be worried about interaction with your medication. There are for sure alternatives that could work & pose no concern at all for interaction... for example the copper coil (which is a little device which is placed into your uterus)... lasts for several years and is completely drug free / hormone free so no chance of it messing with your daily meds. 

  • Definitely go talk to your doctor or local family planning clinic and they can get you on the right kind of contraception for your needs ☺️

  • This should be definetly helpful.. Thank you so much for your information image !! 

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