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please help my children where taking last Tuesday as me & my partner/childrendad got arrested last week for the father beinh drunk they  presumed I was drunk I wasn’t I was drained n hungover looking at my children in another room with 17 year old sister in law. N my partner Brother smashed a window n my partner was arrested for that. So we had bail conditions not 2 see the children alone. But now all the charges n bail  conditions have been dropped but the SS took it 2 go we was at court last friday n the judges best  interest was to get them home But at that time we had the bail conditions we are back on the 4th has Anyone ever got the kids home but stayed on a interim care order section 31 imageI love my babies so much would never let harm come 2 them n they are just making me out 2 be such a bad mum when the SS have never seen the bond we have together 


  • Hi Yasminejane, we're really sorry what you're going through. Sounds like a terrible time at the moment. We also hoped you spotted the reply to your other thread, which you can see here. W really hope you get things sorted soon and you'll be back wth your girls. 

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