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Hi everyone! Like any other pregnant woman I like to read pregnancy books so that I'm fully prepared for the future. I don't know if it just me, but sometimes it feels like most books just tell you about all the horrible things and things that can go wrong instead of all the nice and wonderfull experiences. I'm 26 weeks now.


  • Hello Jansen,
    Ive find the one ive got is good...
    Its by Annabel Karmel - First Year Planner - from pregnancy - age 1
    Its quite expensive I think 18.99 u can get it from Boots or Mothercare...
    I hope this helps ya..
    Good luck
  • I have been using a book called Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Dr Miriam Stoppard (2005). I found this book really useful and it is very easy to understand. She doesn't complicate matters which I thought was good. I also like the book as it has a whole chapter dedicated to fathers to be, which I know my husband found useful to read to find out what is happening with my body and what is going to happen when I finally go into labour. I think it helped put his mind at rest, as he really didn't know what was going to happen (this is our first baby). You can order it off of who sell things for slightly cheaper. I bought this book from a shop at ??16.99 yet on they are selling it for ??12.99. I've also got your pregnancy week by week by Lesley Regan and this is also a good book and I also got this off of Hope this helps. :\)
  • I've also read the book by Miriam Stoppard and liked it. I'm also reading The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Kaz Cooke. The ISBN number is 1-85828-765-0. It's actually quite a funny read as well as telling you the essentials!
  • im reading the kas cooke book too, its funny. also what to expect when your expecting it is really inormative
  • I got the pregnncy for dummies which helped me as this is my first and also the miriam stoppard that was a great book its so handy and tells you eveything x x x
  • I got "The Pregnancy Bible", you can get it off Amazon. I have found this really good, as it takes you from conception through to birth and beyond.

    Also has weekly updates on whats happening with you and also week by week guide on whats happening with your baby. Also deals with nutrition, excercise, a Dad to be section.

    I have found this a really informative, positive book.

    Sam x
  • I like Sam recommend the pregnancy bible, its excellant as advice along the line and shows u pics of baby each week, every Fri I look at my baby in pics...
  • i recommend Dr miriam Stoppard and the idiots guide to pregnancy and birth - funny and informative. I did nursery nursing course years ago and Miriam Stoppard highly recommended then by our course tutors for being reliable information.
    I am looking for a birth - 5years type book,as this pregnancy is almost over, any ideas??
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