families with 10 or more?

did you watch it last night?


  • Yeah i did and to be honest i thought the one family who you could see were clearly struggling for money and the dad was an electrician? Well they really annoyed me, you could see they were not well off and instead of spending money on the kids they already have they were paying for fertility treatment!! The mom annoyed me aswell she said blatantly she wanted another baby so she idint feel redundant as a mom, are moms ever redundant?? Im 19 and count on mine for loads of things, she was thinking of herself and not thinking how old she would be when her baby would be a teenager!
  • yeah it was shocking i would hate to be an old mummy i love being young? have you got my photo? its so funny seeing what you look like!
  • i know, and you!! I like being a young mom too, ill be just 30 when hes at high school so its a nice age i think. yeah i got ur photo!
  • i was 19 when i had faith!will be 22 when i have this one!
  • Yeah so you were same age as me when you had your first? i want 2 babies, i did only want but i loved having my sister to play with and i want my baby to have a brother or sister
  • Shit i have to take bubbles to the vet i forgot! had no idea it was this time, ill be back later x x x
  • I was disgusted by the programme!!
    Bubbles is my hedgehog i found in my garden, i feed him every day and he loves me. Had to take him to vets but ive had to leave him there & can pick him up tomorrow. All my pets have cute names, dimples, pepper, pixie, bubbles, coco. . x x x
  • He has hurt his tiny little leg, think a cat got him. No it doesnt hurt at all i always pick him up hes lovely and sometimes i do wear garden gloves the heavy duty ones!!
  • AHH!!! shite, i forgot this was on! ...Whats the matter with me?!! Do you know whether or not they will repeat the program? I just cant believe i missed it! Theres another program on about amazing 10 year olds it looks heartbreaking ...so i'll be sure to watch! xx
  • Cheers SuzanneLS! i'll go and check it now hun, Em xx
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