hiya was just wondering if its really bad to wear underwired bras while pregnant just because im at the minute a 36F and think i mite need to go up another size! and i like the support of underwires (need scaffolding i think lol) biut if its really bad ill stop just not sure :\?


  • I was told that you shouldn't really wear underwires as it damages your milk ducts or something! Not 100% sure, i like wires too as I'm BIG girl!! The non wired ones are suprisingly comfy even in my size (40G) xx
  • I was told the same thing. I went up from a 32 A and I'm now a 36 B and still have 10 weeks to go! I must say, the maternity bras are more comfy for me. I didn't want to get one, because they aren't realy very sexy, but eventualy settled for comfort rather than fashion. It's up to you, but the maternity bras aren't that bad! Good luck!
  • i have heard the same about damages your milk ducts , im a 40 k (yes you read right a k) . i wear a non wired mat one and it is very comfortable .
  • thanks ill give em a go wear a non wired for bed thats comfy so should do it really any tips for best ones ?
  • My bra size is now 44D and I was measured at M&S. They gave me a twin pack of non-wired bras one in black and one in white and they have been sooooo comfy. They're not flattering but they do provide excellent scaffolding!!
  • I've got an Emma Jane bra ( it's really comfy. Also a sleep bra from Mothercare which I could not live without!! Good value too, two bras for ??18.
  • Hi all, went from a 36B to a 38C in my first 7 weeks - bought 2 non- underwired t-shirt bras from M&S and they are really comfy and I've got some nice cleavage now!!!! The padding on them is really nice - but don't put them in tumble dryer ( came out with lumps on the padding - they looked a bit weird under jumpers) !!!! anna xx
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