My bunny is pregnant :)

Ah i thought my bunny was getting bit large since i put her in a cage with pebbles and now i found out she is having bunnies!!!!
Its the cutest thing in the world, i cant wait for her to have them, they didnt waste anytime though i only put them in a cage together 3weeks ago and she's already pregnant.
Must be true when ppl say "at it like rabbits".
Oh well, im so excited now, cant wait to tell Owain x x x :\)


  • awwwwww little bunnies and a baby you will have to give one to theo!
  • Ah i know, how many bunnies do they have? I hope not loads though, i wont know what to do with them all!!!
    I have to think of loads of bunny names now aswell they will be so cute, owain will not be so enthusiastic though about having loads of bunnies, lol.
  • mine had 3 when it had them but i think it can be up to six!!
  • Ah i will keep them then. owain thinks im crazy when it comes to animals but they aren't hard work are they?? I have a massive run for them and they can eat all the grass they want and loads of fruit aswell. Ill have to get another huge cage though, the one i have now is a pink house but they wont all fit in there. Ru ok today?x
  • pink awwww!!!! no i have just scraped car along next doors garage im really hating driving so much!!!!! :\(
  • Yeah its a pink one its a new thing for rabbits they are called eglu's!! They have all colours.
    Oh god, you dont have much luck in your car do u?
    I have stopped driving now ill wait til ive had theo x x is car really bad
  • just a big scratch i really hate driving it makes me feel sick since i passed on valentines day i have done no more that an hours driving
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