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Need a good rant / friend problems!

so first I apologies for this rant but need to get It out somewhere.

i found out I was pregnant with my first October last year after 2 previous miscarriages, my son was born last month (on his daddies birthday!) now is 6 when I found out I was pregnant and told people at work (after 12 weeks as I have a very active job) my “friend“ got every nasty about it never said congratulations nothing. Anyway a 2 months later she announced she was pregnant (at only 4/5 weeks). She had told a mutual friend she got pregnant because It would be ”cool” we was having babies the same time. although she never had said she wanted children in a discussion previous. 

Since giving birth to my son, she has done nothing but be a bitch to me. She has turned people against me from work saying I’ve been saying things about them etc, and saying how much of a bad Mum I’m going to be.i just Don’t understand what’s the need?! i have confronted her and all she says it’s me, how I act with her, how I’m the bad one? when She found out she was also having a boy she had decided to call him the name myself and my husband had For our son. 

i have done nothing to spite her, when I got married She decided to set her date, never signed a card for us nothing, when I brought a house with my husband she decided too, I got a new car and then she did.

I have blocked her out of my life now after being fed up but I can’t stop feeling angry or upset by it all. 

Sorry for the rant but needed it out! 


  • Jealousy by the looks of it, copies everything you do and gets mad at you because she's jealous of you.

    Screw that cow

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