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Please help?? Anyone??

Hey.. i really scared and worried.. ive appointment with doc tomorrow.. but here it is ive irregular periods (shown in pic).. my boobs have been sore and sensitive last 5 ish weeks.. sore i was pregnant got a werid period started light flow then went brown and then full day heavy woth cloths (normal have few) and med flow then light again 7 days in total. Pain in upper abdomen time to time and in oviares pinches. Loads bloating.. Few other things too.. did two test b4 period bfn and got period so cant be pregnant. Really worried about boobs any ideas (cant feel anything different).. any reply will be good thanks xx


  • Hey there. I'm not sure i understand what you are asking, but i do think you've done the right thing by visiting your GP. Have you recently come off birth control as that can really mess with your period and its regularity. 

  • Hiya was a doctors he doesnt know whats wrong just said keep an idea.. i taut i might be sick in some way as my boobs never this sore for this long.. i suppose i was trying to see has anyone got  something similar.?? Like long periods of sore boobs cramping etc.. i didnt come off bith control only had a baby 8 months ago and trying to hold of until i get a house for another as ive a son too nearly 2. Just feeling very parniod and not my usual boby aches.. something just feels wrong if you get me. I swore i was pregnant till my period came. I suppose like doc said just wait and see. Thanks x

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