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Brown Spotting

Hello ladies.  So the same day AF was due I had a small amount of dark brown spotting.  Thinking it was AF, I put a tampon in and went about my day.  Normally I use about 3 to 4 tampons during the first day of AF and the blood is bright red and very heavy for the first 3 days,  then it trickles off to almost nothing until day 5 when it ends. The issue I'm having is this... i had this same scant amount of dark red blood for 4 days,  never heavy at all and never red,  always less than 1 tampon for an entire day and always brown. I'm hoping with all my might that it was IB but I'm 26 dpo and am showing a bfn on my hpt... any ideas?  


  • Are u on any contraception or anything had your period arrived yet or still brown? Also what pregnancy test did u use I would try first response. 

  • Hello Nicole786. I am not on contraceptives, the only bleeding I experienced was the 4 days of dark brown spotting, nothing since. I used ClearBlue Easy test. Usually I experience very sore breasts and premenstrual migraines but this month,  nothing.  I did get blood work drawn to test for pre-menopause but that test came back that all hormone levels are normal.  That test was done about 3 months before the dark brown spotting.

  • Has your period arrived yet maybe u could try a first response? 

  •  It has not, however, I took 4 ovulation predictor tests between Monday and today, 3 were positive and today's was negative.  It is time for me to ovulate so they are right on time but that still makes me worry about the brown spotting. I have never had that in my 41 years....

  • I had brown spotting for a couple of days when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first. Got it all checked out and was told brown blood generally meant that it was old and less of a worry than bright red blood. Not sure how much of a help or reassurance that is too you but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  • I'm hoping that's what is going on in my case but it seems only time will tell.  Thank you very much!

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