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Newbie 💕🦄


I'm a newbie here. 34 (nearly) and a mum of 1 (9yoDS) 

His dad left me for my best friend d 10 days after he was born so we aren't together. 

I have been with my new man for 4 years and we've started trying for a baby this month. I'm so excited as this will be my last. 

Lovely to meet you all 💕🦄


  • Hi MysticalJaffaCake, you might just have the best username ever! Welcome to MadeForMums and the very best of luck to you TTC. And that's blooming awful what your ex did to you! 

  • Hey,

    I'm also new here today and ttc after mc 2 years ago! And just wanting like minded people to chat to so I don't go insane! 

    Your ex is a doosh:)

  • Ladies! Thanks for your replies- I was over the moon to hear from you. This morning I felt rotton. Dizzy, sick, pain under my ribs and odd taste in my mouth. These are all signs, I know, but I don't want to get my hopes up because they could just be signs that AF is due in 10 days. I really hope I'm growing a bean though. 

    Good luck TTC Babylum. Keep me posted. I'm Eden, btw xxx 

  • Post deleted by MadeForMums. 
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