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Trying for a third baby, yes or no..?

Hello gorgeous mummies!

So the day has come at last, 6 months after giving birth to my second child and a few weeks after breaking up the 100% breastfeeding with a bit of formula and food.

I really want a third baby, definitely the last one because of my age. Hubby-to-be is semi-convinced depending on what day of the week it is image 

I would love to hear honest opinions on life with three kids from those who live it! Our eldest is 8 years old. Childcare is not a problem as we have a lot of help, but it will be mainly me who will be the carer as my OH is not anywhere near as keen as I am and is a bit of a workaholic.

Is it madness having a third and with a baby already (that is, if I can even get pregnant again)? I'm thinking the first years will be tough (bit wonderful, I do love the early years) but the two you ger children will be great company for each other, our eldest is an amazing doting big sister who has nothing but love for her little sis. 

Hit me with the cold hard messy truth, pros and cons, the lot!

And have a fab day xoxo image


  • We are going through the EXACT same thing at the moment. Currently have 2 little girls and trying to commit to taking the plunge and trying for a 3rd child!!!

    we are looking at the financial side of it, needing a new car to fit everyone in safely...?! also the getting bunk beds eventually and room sharing!!

    Also, if we stick with 2 we will be able to offer them much more than stretching ourselves that bit more with a third child... but they would get another sibling out of it which is worth so much more than anything money could offer!!!! 

    Im glad it’s not just me that’s trying to decide and has an unhelpful husband! 😂😂

  • We have 3, my 7 year old stepdaughter, our 3 year old son and 1 month daughter. I’ve got a Vauxhall insignia and they do all fit in luckily. We only have a 3 bedroom but we will have my son and youngest daughter sharing for now, and kind of hoping when eldest is 18 she will go to uni so can use her bedroom lol 

    its so lovely seeing the three of them, especially with a closer age gap between the younger two so I would say yes! I’m thinking of having another to make 4 but think that might be pushing it ha 

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