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Sex after childbirth, how soon should i take a pregnancy test?

Ok, so I'm prepared to deal with the consequences; my husband and I had a moment of weakness (amongst other feelings) and had sex. We didn't have a condom to hand and I had our baby 5 weeks ago. Question: if you felt the need to take a pregnancy test, how soon could you test? Normally you'd wait to your missed period, but if you aren't currently having periods - how do you pick a time to test?!


  • Hiya, are you exclusively breastfeeding at the moment? I think that stops you conceiving at the same time (not 100%sure tho) I would get some Poundland pregnancy Test strips to put your mind at rest, they are very Good tests even though they come from Poundland. i don’t think you can see a positive till around your period tho, at least being so cheap you can do a couple? Good luck x 

  • I wouldn't call it a moment of weakness, perfectly natural to want to have sex with your husband.

    I think the advice is, if you don't know when a period is due/aren't having periods, to test 18 days after you last had unprotected sex.

    Good luck x

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