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Does anyone have the nexplanon implant?

Hi, so I had my last child in 2013. I have had the nexplanon for over 4 years. I was suppose to get it replace in 2017, but my ob decided he wanted to move back to his home state. And the office he worked for would no longer see me if I was not pregnant. My question is, do these things expire? Is it possible to get pregnant when it does? 


  • Mom of 3

    From what I have understood by them they become less effective as time goes on, impacted by the individual as to how much thus the need to replace them,however there have been several girls on here that have had them in longer and not caught so would be hard to say definatley either way. All I would say is if its well past the date u have greater chances of it not working and falling pregnant. Hope that helps u a little x

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