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Due Date Maths confused!

Hello all, newbie here!
i came off the pill middle of March to start trying for a baby, we had read it would maybe take a while as had been on the pill since I was 19 and am now 33. Anyway 2 weeks ago I was getting all the symptoms of my AF coming, but it never did-I put it down to my cycle being messed up after stopping the pill but when it got to 6 weeks since my last withdrawal bleed I thought best to take a test, it was BFP which was surpising but welcome. I’ve got my booking in appointment next Wednesday but don’t know how to work out how far along I am? I don’t want to tell people (even my parents) until I know there is something to tell so I eager to work out when my scan would be!

also have had no nausea or anything just mild cramping and heartburn so far is that normal?


  • It's hard to calculate date,so I believe they will send you to scan to check dates. At home you can try CB digital with week indicator to this will give you estimate dates.
    Your body going through a lot with pregnancy and hormones messing up your body. Mild cramping can be good as everything streches now
  • The cramping has really subsided today after being pretty constant (in waves) for the past few days. Should I be worried they’ve stopped? 
  • I wouldn't some of us don't have any cramping, someone has loads and really painful....
  • they normally ask you what was the first day of  your last period and count from then, I never understand why they do it that way!
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