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Still bleeding for 4weeks after incomplete abortion

I decided to abort my 6weeks pregnancy with D&C. But abortion is nol legally approved in my country. I couldn't go to the hospital, so i did my things at little illegal clinic(just like scene in asian horror movies). It was the biggest mistake that i risked my life to abort illegally. D&C was so painful without using epidural or any medical help to reduce pain during the process. 
After that, I kept bleeding for two weeks. I went to that illegal clinic again and they said there were some remaining and needed to do D&C again. I was so sure that i can't let them do that painful D&C to me. So i went to the hospital telling doctor that i had an abortion. The doctor saw remainings in my uterus. She gave me six misoprostol. She told me to take one misoprostol at morning and one at night for three days.
After taking one misoprostol, i bleed n release an egg-sized blood clot. I thought my uterus was clear but it didn't stop bleeding (light bleeding). The doctor made a test and said there was still some remaining. 
She gave me one week . If they r not all gone withing one week, she said i must do D&C to clear the remaining. Even though the doctor said it won't be hurt, i can't help scaring to do D&C. I need advice to complete abortion without D&C. 
Thanks for reading and please help me. 
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