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jealous over sis in law pregnancy with twins

hi all. First timer here . I have a 4yr old boy and he’s my world. My blue eyed boy. I have endometriosis and my partner has low swimmers mobility so we had to use IVF... which then turned into ICSI . We haven’t been able to fall since. My sister in law announced the other night that she is 7.5 weeks pg with twins.... I’m super stoked and happy for her truly but that awful feeling of envy and jealousy is eating me now over and over . She’s 6yrs younger then me, has PCOS and was told she won’t get PG (so did i). Well she did ... naturally. She’s starting to show already. She’s not the healthiest ... she used to drink a lot (stopped now She pg), hardly ate and smoked like a chimney. She has now cut back to one a day and it infuriates me that she is still doing one a day. App dr said it will shock the babies systems if she goes cold turkey. My heart is breaking wishing she wasn’t smoking . But I have no place or say in it . I have terrible horrendous pain every month I don’t drink  I don’t smoke yet still can’t get pg and can’t afford Ivf again. I hate being like this . I’m thinking of the future as my boy was the apple of her eye .. now with two bubbas. Well her apples we will be changing ... I’m prob over reacting. I haven’t told anyone this. I admit it’s killjng me that she fell preg with twins! How
do I overcome
this . It’s so hard :( xoxoxox
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