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Need someones help. Bit personal lol

So.. long long story😂  basically going back to 25th of may this year.. I was single and I slept with a boy.. one night, and 12 hours later I took the morning after pill but I'm not sure if it would of worked cause my period was 12th of may. But my periods are all over the place they never come at the same time, it wasnt meant to come to the 16th, anyway.. then on the 1st of june I woke up in the morning and stood up and felt like a gush of blood (sorry for tmi) and had to run to toilet and when I first wiped it was like a mixture of pink and red but then the rest of the day it was like a brown, I even stood up from the toilet and looked down and there was like red droplets on the floor so had to go jump in the shower  (ew) then I used tampons for like 3 days and it stopped then. So.. then on the 3rd of june me and my ex boyfriend got back together (never thought that would happen) and stupidly we had unprotected sex like about 9 times from the 3rd of june to the 6th of june haha (TMI again)  then we had sex every day basically in june. And I was a bit worried about the guy from the 25th of may so I done Clearblue pregnancy tests on the 10th,14th and 18th of June and the one on the 18th was the weeks indicator and it said "not pregnant" so this would of been 3 weeks and 4 days since the first guy on the 25th of may and it was negative. So then I done a test on the 26th of June and it came up 'Pregnant, 2-3 weeks. And I was shocked cayse I could of swore I was coming on my period I started getting period like cramps from around the 17th of june, then sensitive boobs on the 23rd of june. So then I done another weeks indicator on the 29th of june and it also said 2-3 weeks. Then literally on the 3rd of june I done another one and it just changed to 3+  on the same day I went to get a scan cause I cried to my doctor cause its worrying me so much. And she tried to scan my belly and nothing showed up so she done an internal and there was just like this sac thing and she couldnt tell me an age at all so she said to go back in 2 weeks. So I went back on the 16th of july and u could see a little tiny baby measuring and only 0.33cm and u could see a little heartbeat. And she said I'm measuring in at 6 weeks and 1 day. So am I right in saying conception happened around the 5th of June?  Or was it later. I done a conception calculator online and it said most likely time of conception 9th-14th of june, I also got told my due date will be from the 2nd-7th of march. Can someone settle my head a bit. I will try and attach the scan photos. 


  • The photo I attached is the one I got on the 16th of july. The one on the 3rd is just a little tiny sac I will try and find it 
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