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Body after pregnancy

On Sunday will be 4 weeks after I gave a birth and I am happy that my little man is with me and everything is good, except I started to feeling really down about my body. I feel huge I breastfeeding I can't really do any dieting and it's hard to find time for exercise during school holidays as my two kids are home with me. I am about size up from my prepregnancy wardrobe and have no ideas how much lbs up as I am afraid of scales...I am walking a lot and on good speed but can't really see difference. Any tips to get back in pre-pregnancy body?


  • My daughter is 9 months now and I did not breastfeed. I have put on an enormous amount of weight and I feel so unhappy about that way I look now and even when I’m at home with my partner having our time. Your not alone  
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