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Feeling like the old you with your new body

As woman, we are so gifted with being able to carry our children, but after the pregnancy most of us are left with things we don’t like about our bodies. I’m so Uncomfortable when it comes to taking off my clothes in front of my husband and also when it comes to sex. I personally feel like I don’t perform the same and I’m not as fun anymore because I see the woman that he follows on insta and I look nothing like them. Can anyone give me some advise? 


  • Have you tried to get sexy underwear? Sometes it's helping.  Most of insta girls are heavily photoshopped. As a real life women with three kids,who loves working out,dieting and yoga I can say I never ever looked like insta girls and after each baby is harder to loose weight...I recently gave a birth to my third baby and struggling to loose before pregnancy I put a lot on after my 3 in row MC I had then something to loose but now I feel like a whale and as I am BF I can't diet,and during school holidays I can't workout as my other kids don't let me (not excuse,just really struggling to find time now)
  • Congratulations on your third baby, and yes Ive tried sexy underwater but I just can’t get over how unhappy I am. I honestly can’t blame me not losing weight on being busy with baby, but I guess I should make use of the free time I have when I get it. I also forget to eat sometimes because I’m always busy sorting out my daughter or the house and my husband but baby will be going to nursery soon and I’ll be going back to work, so hopefully when things get back to normal I will too 
  • After my second baby I lost weight after finishing breastfeeding,as I could get back on Keto diet. My body hates carbs,they all going into fats...think I will wait till my 6-8week check up and will talk with GP may be he will be able to offer me something.
    My husband is very support and said I look great,but it's simply not me. 
    May be I am putting to much pressure on myself as every person I know says that I look great for someone who recently had a baby.
  • Thats the same thing that my friends say to me. But in my case my husband is not as supportive as yours. But even tho he’s right to a certain extent I don’t need that energy around me because it’s soo demotivating 
  • I will wait till LO Will be 8 weeks so by then my milk supply should be established so I can go on lower carbs in my diet. So fingers crossed by Christmas I will loose those lbs
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