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Needing some mummy friends

Hi ladies my name is Kayleigh I don't have many friends and work full time. I have 3 children aged 9, 7 and 5. I have really bad anxiety so pushed a lot of my friends away over the years because I was constantly cancelling on them. I read a post about joining ann summers and the lady talked about boosting your confidence making friends etc. So decided to give it a try and I feel like it's just made my anxiety worse i have a Facebook group and post loads of special deals and raffles etc and no one seems to take part it's given my confidence a huge knock i guess in reality I realised I don't really have any friends anymore. My life has just become work, housework, taking care of the kids and staring at 4 walls. When the kids are away with family I'm left just doing nothing. This illness has destroyed my life. I thought by doing the ann summers parties etc I could meet new people and hopefully have a little fun but no one has booked any with me. How can I crawl out of this hole? 


  • Hi
    I am sorry you feel like this. First of all do not take lack of interest in your ann summers party as a sign that no one likes you. These at home businesses are very difficult to run. Some people make them look easy but that is often because they have a large social circle in the first place. You should be really really proud that you have tried something new and stick with it if you can.

    I have four children and I totally understand how the mum role can take over your life and however rewarding it is, it can be monotonous boring and frustraing also. 

    My advice would be firstly consider speaking to a doctor. They can advise you with ways to help manage your anxiety. Even if you have been before its always good to try again as there may be some new options.

    counselling may also be a good idea as again they may be able to help with some coping strategies. We have quite a few charity run counselling  services in our area which are free or of very little cost so maybe look i to that.

    I understand that anxiety can make it difficult to get out but you have made a massive step with your ann summers business so maybe join a club. Even going to a fitness class once a week will help you meet more people and you can use your ann summers party as a talking point. 

    Try and reconnect with old friends by explaining your anxiety and ask if maybe they would visit you.

    All I can say is take one step at a time. The fact that you are trying is hugely important and you will get there. I know sometimes it can feel impossible but honestly you are doing great. Keep at it
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