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Anyone know what this could be? 


  • From where you get this?
  • edited Sep 6, 2019 3:00PM
    I went to the toilet in the morning, and wiped down below and got this? Not sure if it’s old blood or something else just doesn’t look right. Since it’s more brown than anything else so was wondering what anyone else would think it could be or look like? 
  • Hi dan I’m no expert but from what I have just googled for u looks like implantation bleed to me which is normal some people get it some don’t notice it it can either be red or brown u may have a mixture of cervical mucus mixed in which is why it’s a big blob....implantation bleed is when the embryo has implanted into your womb I wouldn’t worry too much but when u next see a doctor maybe show her the pic to put urself at ease xxx
  • Hey, I’ve been to doctors but she said it’s hard to tell if it was early miscarriage or not. I’ve took tests and it’s saying negative. I’ve had cramps down at the end of my stomach so not sure what to believe on what it was. If it is implantation it wouldn’t come uo
    positive on the test right now? I haven’t had any other bleeding or anything apart from that tho? Xx
  • Implantation bleeding may be.
  • But I’m not bleeding at all? Only that I had nothing more 
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