Partner being dodgy with phone

So I just want others opinions please. Would just like to say I’m not a controlling/jealous girlfriend I just want other opinions because I don’t know if I’m going mad or not. So I few weeks ago I found out my partner had been on a website where women can upload homemade naked pictures/videos. They weren’t porn stars they were actual women if you get what I’m trying to say. I wasn’t happy about it so we had a chat and I decided to drop it. Anyway, last night our son was on his phone watching YouTube and DP needed to nip go Tesco’s. He took his phone off our son so I basically said why can’t you just leave it here, you’re only going to be 10 minutes and DS is settled. He then started to say he needed it incase he had an accidentconfused which I thought was a pretty strange thing to say. Long story short he refused to leave it and home and took it with him. I understand I may get mixed responses but I want to know how other people would feel and want to make sure I’m not being paranoid


  • Hi, it’s very hard to judge or comment like this but I know if that was my husband on a website like that I’d be fuming! My best advice would be trust your gut instinct, if something isn’t right, try and get to the bottom of it before it festers and becomes an even bigger problem x
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