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Consultant led care

Hi. I am 26 weeks into my second pregnancy and I have the consultant on NYE. I have not been told why but I am assuming it is because I had a forceps delivery with my last, an episiotomy and a 3rd degree tear. 

Does anyone know what will happen at the appointment? Should i take a urine sample? Will they check me down there? I wish they would advise you what the appointment will be like.


  • You will need to bring urine sample. They will do all the checkups
     They might check down there depends when you had your last delivery.
    Also they might discuss future steps
  • Ok cool. I'm abit nervous about it. I guess they will discuss delivery options with me. I do want natural so hopefully they will be happy with that x
  • Yes they will. Also will give you some advice how to preper yourself to labour this time
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