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All-in-one Travel System for all-terrain country walking. Please help!

I am desperate for help and have spent hours going around in circles trying to research suitable all-in-one systems.
Can anyone recommend suitable all-in-one travel systems that I can use from birth? I need something that can manage long cross-country and beach walking over various terrains and preferably be pushed one-handed as I need to walk our dog at the same time.
I’ve looked at various websites and reviews and am finding it so confusing because I find something that sounds ideal and then realise you have to buy the car seat/carry cot/base for car seat separately.
I want something that doesn’t require me buying extra parts which are essential. I am also shielding due to health conditions so even if Lockdown gets eased soon, I won’t be able to leave the house - limiting me to online buying and not being able to try before I buy!
Please note - I know many of you will tell me to get a sling/harness instead for carrying baby while walking dog but due to slight cerebral palsy I have issues with my balance and would definitely not risk the dog pulling me over while carrying baby!


  • I got silver cross surf 3 I love it, have a look. It got town option with two small front wheels it switch to train one large wheel. Very good amortisation and easy one hand drive. 
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