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Baby number 3?!?!

Hey, I’m an old timer returning so some help, guidance and advise. 
Made for mums helped me so much when ttc my second... 
now I am just after people’s advise of if there are any things I can read up on about baby 3!!!
i think I would like a 3rd baby, my husband is on the fence but think he would be easily swayed... BUT it’s the money thing, the size of our house, car etc... and I’m worried about a baby not being healthy. 
I am so overjoyed with being lucky enough to have my wonderful girls, they are my everything, how do I know for sure I want a number 3.... i just feel sad thinking I will never get to be pregnant or have a newborn again.... but how would I know that those feelings would go if I had another???
do those feelings ever go away???
i know so many people say when you’re done you know you’re done... I don’t feel like that!!!!
I guess I was wondered if there is a support page for those wondering and how to help myself accept it if I don’t have any more children etc!
thank you and sorry for the waffling! 


  • Hey @Flossy I totally get you. We’ve had our third baby now- Matilda, she’s amazing. Have those desires for another baby gone?... nope- not for me. my mum said the same, you know when you’re done- she has 4! I’m 39 now and we’re going to have to move house as Matilda doesn’t have her own bedroom. The age gaps and genders of my children don’t work for them to share! I knew all of this before we decided obviously. 
    For me these things were outweighed with our desire for another baby to complete our family. I didn’t want to regret not having a third.

    i will say though that before we had our rainbow, we lost our baby boy when I was 20/21 weeks pregnant and then I mc later that year at 11 weeks so it was not plain sailing for us. But, this could happen to anyone at any time really. I question my age etc but I was 35 when we started trying for our third which really isn’t that old. I had Matilda at 38. 

    id love a fourth but that is just not possible! Haha!! I’m very happy with the 3 we’ve got!

    there are lots of questions to answer whenever you’re thinking of another baby but I guess there’s never a perfect time. 

    Personally, for me, I tried to think about if I could cope and be happy without having my third and I really struggled with the idea of this. I’m sure I would’ve been fine but the longing was too much. Everyone’s different.xxxxx 

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