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Hello, I just made this account and have no idea how any of this works, I’m just freaking out and need opinions I guess??? I took this test yesterday and after about a minute I assumed it was gonna be negative and threw it in my desk. Left and came back a couple hours later to this...
I know you’re not supposed to read the results after a few mins because of evaporation lines but this line is BLUE not grey... I’m taking a first response pink dye test tomorrow morning. But does this look like it could be positive???


  • This one is a little clearer 
  • Hello it does look like an evap line to me just because of how thin it is to the other line :/ and you’re supposed to disregard any result after 5 mins on most of them. I would defo do a fr tomorrow morning good luck :) x
  • These tests are known for awful evaps darling, and to me it does look like an evap and shouldn’t be read hours after anyway,
    hopefully a first response can give you a better answer 😩 good luck thou!! I hope you get what you want x
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