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New 'mummy and me' swimwear brand

Dear mums, 

We are a 'mummy and me' startup company aiming to focus on providing mothers swimwear options that make them feel sensual, classy and confident with a similar ‘mini me’ option that is more infantile and catered to a child. As we are currently still in the design phase of the swimwear collection, we want to get direct input from mums on your needs, regardless of what stage of parenting you are currently in (brand new mum, mum of toddlers, preschool children, etc) so that we can best cater to your needs when putting on our swimwear. 

By answering these following questions, we will get a much better sense of what we need to focus on and what important considerations need to be taken to put forth our swimwear designs before going into production. 

1) For new mums, how soon do you feel you will be in a swimsuit again? (weeks, months, years) 

2) What would you want a swimwear company to understand/address of your needs as a mum during the design stage of the swimwear/bikinis? 

3) What elements of a swimsuit/bikini do you think are most important/essential now as a new mum/for mums in general? 

4) Now that you are a new mother, or mothers in general, has your decision-making process of buying swimwear changed? How so? 

5) What are some things that you will think about when planning to go swimming or visit the beach/pool with your child/children? 

The more detail you can provide in your answers the more helpful it will be for us in being able to offer the best possible swimwear options. 

Thank you mums, and thank you for all that you do! 

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