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What areas do Moms wish they had support/assistance

Hi all, I have an idea that I have grown very passionate about. This idea has grown from being a single mom of 4 who is sometimes overwhelmed and just need someone to assist for an hour of childcare so I can regroup. Or when I just need to go dancing every couple of months to feel like an adult human vs a nappy changing machine. Or when I just need someone to give me a little encouragement and lift me up with a few kind words when I am having one of those bad days.

So I joined the platform to try hear what small ways other moms wish for some love, help, support etc. In a perfect world where there was no IOU's or judgements, in what ways do fellow moms wish for magic fairies to appear and assist. In what small ways would someone be able to improve your day with giving some of their time.

I hope I am communicating in some kind of coherency, exhaustion is a standard in my world. Throw your wildest wishes at me for ways you would ideally love support/assistance in any and all areas of your regular daily life. This will assist me to get the get this passion closer to fruition.

Thank you in advance to any and all who give me your rare and precious time in responding.
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