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Does this help accepting your new body?

Last weekend I went shopping with a good friend of mine. We booked a hotel for the night, went out for dinner, had a couple of drinks... it felt really good being able to relax after a couple of very stressful months. And since we both became moms not too long ago, we had a lot to chat about.

When we went back to the hotel room, my friend wanted to take a shower. Much to my surprise, at one point she came out of the bathroom completely naked, and she went looking for her pajamas in her suitcase. She didn't even wrap a towel around her and just kept on talking to me the whole time, as if she still had clothes on. 

I thought that was incredibly cool of her and I even felt a bit emotional, because I know she has a pretty hard time accepting the body she ended up with after giving birth. Apparently she felt so comfortable in my presence she forgot how vulnerable she was in that position. I found this to be a beautiful gesture, as if she wanted to say that she trusts me. This was also the very first time I have seen a "real" naked female body after giving birth, and somehow I found this to be a positive thing, like a reassurance, seeing that birth has an impact on other bodies as well. I know it probably sounds very strange, but this was a beautiful moment for me, even though at the same time I was actually quite shocked when she was suddenly naked in front of me.

I was wondering if you and your closest friends are as open when it comes to your bodies as my friend, and whether other people in here have found comfort or reassurance in seeing their friends naked? I really think this can play a positive role the acceptance or our new body.
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