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Вве      What's better: 7$ or 13,000,000?                       What to do?           At the bottom of the text there are 10 wallets                     1 Transfer 7$(7€ 7GBP) to the top (1) wallet through an exchanger            2 Copy the text with wallets into the editor           3 Delete wallet (1 to which you transferred money)           4 At the bottom of the list, in which there are 9 wallets left, write down your (No. 10) wallet            5 Send the modified text to 5 of your trusted friends.
           After your friends transfer money and write off their wallets, your wallet will rise to 9th place.           Your wallet will move up one position after each payment.           When your wallet becomes the first, 2734375 people will send you $7.                             2734375 X 7 =13671875$                  I think it's not bad!!                   It's up to you                               I hope for your success - good luck!
         Bilance       ETH    0xA1673CFED5F865549f1011C1CFb77eAa0119765e         Ethereum      ETH    0xD66CF5e0F95DCD5c0Cb15592Ba3fbeEd7bA84629         Bitcoin       BTC    14r55S6HKqAEY7R3pw8oyJYdMqCcNfYGpU          Ethereum      ETH    0x8259F64721D0D7e67E9224A70B9a319411deC24D         ETH Network   ETH    0x02B5AF42eE1594bc155FcA28987FD96667CE9306         Cronos        CRO    0xeA035116A375A7d1f2a86edF0573884B058aD380         Bitcoin       BTC    1K6Geob6DefoTpwo3iadSVMJ8orCtKb3Aj         Bitcoin       BTC    bc1qfxmjp5gmfwzk6nrnksg28t5kdhv53yg6ppvnnu         Bitcoin       BTC    bc1qce0728r5v5pt7jlsc3jmglauzxmvf2t0gps39p         Ethereum      ETN    0xee9c008ce8179502a8bed8424c518ae429a41b4aдите ваше сообщение
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