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Parent and Child Parking Spaces

I'm getting to be a right grumpy mother about parent and child spaces that seem to be abused by just about everybody with no children or children that do not require assistance to get in or out of the car! Often leaving me to try to become a contortionist by trying to get myself and a rear facing carseat out of a 3 door car in a space that it not quite big enough.

And it is making me mad and covered in bruises!!!

I wonder whether they should make them further away from the stores, as its not that we need to be close particularly, we just need room to manoeuvre and get buggy's, car seats etc sorted.

Maybe then I could find something more important to get hot under the collar about!!! (You can tell I'm not at work at the moment!)


  • We don't even try to get in the parent & child spaces because they are always full of cars that don't have any child seats in them. So we park as far from the store as we can and there's loads of room.
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