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Hi joe,im Emma.I bet your girls keep you busy.I only have the 1boy Riley.Dont often get the chance during the day to come here as the other half is usually doing his work.I tend to log on when his off and riley is in bed,i get peace then.Probably chat soon.x


  • Hi joe,i'll agree with the middle child syndorome,im the middle of two sisters(i have 3 but the youngest was from me mums 2nd marrage).My mum always said how i was always the handfull,i've swallowed 2p piece,drank nail varnish,washed my hair in paint stripper and more,she always said im lucky to be alive.Well i do fine thses days.Are you sticking with the three or would you like another.I do at somepoint want another but we have said probably when riley starts school,he'll probably understad a bit more and be able to get involved.But if we had another before then no biggie.I have a big family 3sisters 2brothers and 7nephews,4 to 1 sister and 3 to the other.Birthdays are quite fun,not much room for friends as the family make up for it.Anyway write again soon.xx
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